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Review of State Policies on Teacher Induction


"NTC analysis of state policies on teacher induction suggests that there is much work to be done by state policymakers to construct high-quality policies supporting comprehensive new teacher induction. No single U.S. state has perfected its induction policy to ensure the provision of high-impact, multi-year induction support for all beginning educators, and half the states still don't require all beginning educators to receive induction or mentoring support. And new teacher development and support looms as an often-overlooked issue amidst state efforts to strengthen educator effectiveness policies, including preparation, certification, compensation and evaluation.

If we recognize that new teachers are more common in our schools today than any time in recent history, it makes sense for policy to pay special attention to their unique professional needs. As states embark upon legislative sessions, launch policy task forces and otherwise address teaching policies, they should work to ensure that all beginning educators are provided the professional support necessary for them to become effective and successful practitioners. Given the mounting evidence on the impact of teachers and the benefits of high-quality induction, a strong state focus on this aspect of teaching policy could well determine whether current state education reforms succeed or fail."