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K-12 Student Performance in the MSP Program: Preliminary Analysis on Contextual and Organizational Conditions


Throughout Year-1 of the MSP-PE, the K-12 student performance substudy has focused on an examination of the social, organizational, and institutional conditions at the state, district, and school levels that may be associated with student learning and achievement in the MSP Program. The substudy accomplishes this through two interrelated approaches: studying the contextual conditions within which the MPS Program is situated; and examining the targeted educational activities that have progressed within the MSP Program. The research questions that have guided this substudys initial phase include the following:
1) Where is the MSP Program located, compared to the rest of the country, in terms of demographic, academic, organizational, and social conditions?
2) Do these conditions limit any generalizing of the MSP Programs experience? 3) What educational activities is the MSP Program targeting, and at what student
4) What evaluation designs is the MSP Program using to assess these activities?