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Mathematics Curriculum Models for the Math and Science Partnership Program: A Report on Mathematics Curricula


The intent of this document is to describe the mathematics course and curriculum substudy which is part of the Math and Science Partnership Program Evaluation (MSP- PE) funded through the National Science Foundation (NSF). The mathematics curriculum substudy is beginning an investigation into the definitions of challenging courses and curriculum that are used by the MSP's grants and examining their efforts in terms of mathematics curriculum. This includes (but is not limited to) both students' and teachers' mathematical content knowledge, the development of mathematics courses, the revision and implementation of mathematics standards, and the role of curriculum design and implementation in the grants. We have delimited our focus to the role of mathematics in the grants. Our goal is not to evaluate specific grants (each one has evaluation boards to carry out that task). Rather, we are generating results across grants, contexts, content areas, and different curriculum models that would be beyond the scope of any single grant.