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Evaluation of NSF's Math and Science Partnership Program


The findings in this report come from a series of substudies conducted as part of an ongoing and independent evaluation of the MSP Program.1 The findings are based on data collected from the programs initial set of 48 partnerships, who received their initial awards from 2002 to 2004. These partnerships then operated for an average of five to seven years, with NSF-MSP funds ending around 2007-09.
The data collection consisted of site visits to each of these partnerships as well as reviews of their annual reports, evaluation reports, and submissions of data into the MSP Programs management information system. The evaluation design and results have been published in 19 separate research articles and 24 other unpublished reports. The evaluation substudies relevant to the present report have been cited throughout the text so that they can be consulted by readers wishing to learn additional details about the findings.2