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Mathematics Learning and Diverse Students


"This literature review synthesizes the research on issues of mathematics teaching, learning, and achievement for students from marginalized groups, including Black students, Latina/o students, English language learners, and poor students. In Part 1, we outline national trends in mathematics achievement and learning for students in these groups. In Part 2, we describe what we know about the extent to which students in these groups are provided access to high-quality mathematics instruction and we detail some of the challenges these students face. In Part 3, we summarize what existing research tells us about effective instruction for equity in mathematics, and the necessary conditions at the district, school, and department levels to support such instruction. We also consider the implications for schools; what can schools do to better support equity in mathematics learning outcomes? Throughout, we will consider the case of one school that developed an equity pedagogy in mathematics, Railside High School, as an example of successful equity pedagogy in mathematics, and as a cautionary illustration of the kinds of institutional and district support required to sustain such pedagogy."