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Reaching the Goal: The Applicability and Importance of the Common Core State Standards to College and Career Readiness


"EPIC recently completed a study on the Common Core State Standards. We asked a national sample of entry-level college instructors to rate the applicability of each Common Core State Standard in comparison to their courses. If the standard was applicable, we asked them to rate its importance. These basic ratings provide a tremendous amount of preliminary information to address the two research questions:
  1. How applicable are the Common Core State Standards to college courses?
  2. When they are perceived as applicable, how important are the Common Core State Standards to college courses?

The study analyzes ratings from instructors of courses at two- and four-year degree-granting institutions, including courses commonly required for two-year certificates that would be necessary to enter a career pathway. We selected 25 courses to be representative examples of common offerings in seven major subject areas: English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Business Management, Computer Technology, and Healthcare."