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MOSART: From MSP to Teacher to Student


"This session focuses on two sets of research findings: [1] The effects of MSP institutes on teachers' subject matter knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge and [2] the effects of teacher knowledge on student gains. Misconceptions are robust but scientifically inaccurate understandings of the world that are often consistent with everyday experience. We have developed a unique approach to measuring teachers' SMK and PCK in a large scale study that clarifies the relationship between teachers' knowledge of misconceptions and students' gaining better understanding. To measure teachers' subject matter knowledge (SMK), teachers take the same test as their students. The second measure, pedagogical content knowledge (PCK), is revealed by asking teachers to predict the most common wrong answer chosen by their own students. We have analyzed data from more than 300 teacher participants engaged in more than 15 institutes in many states throughout the U.S."

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