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Restructuring Resources for High-Performing Schools: A Primer for State Policymakers


"Billions of education dollars are trapped each year. At this time of continued budget shortfalls when every dollar spent on education must yield maximum returns in student outcomes states' policies and regulations often inadvertently trap precious resources making decision-making for districts even more difficult. And while funding adequacy and equity must remain a priority for states, ensuring that limited resources are used as effectively as possible is paramount. States can use this moment of combined reform and financial pressure to set policies and promote action that will create the right conditions for change at the local level. Education Resource Strategies with EducationCounsel identifies four areas in which state policymakers can make a big difference:

1. How schools organize personnel and time

2. How districts and schools spend special education dollars

3. How districts allocate resources to schools and students

4. What information districts gather on resources and spending"