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Preparing Students for College and Careers MetLife Survey Part 2: Teaching Diverse Learners


"The MetLife Survey of the American Teacher: Preparing Students for College and Careers examines the priority that all students graduate from high school prepared for college and careers, what being college- and career-ready entails, and the implications of this goal for teaching. The results are based on a national survey of 1,000 public school teachers (grades 6-12), 2,002 public school students (grades 6- 12), 580 parents of public school students (grades 6-12), and 301 business executives from Fortune 1000 companies conducted in fall 2010. In addition, education thought leaders and teacher leaders participated in a related online strategy session.

Part 2 of the survey examines views among middle and high school teachers, students, parents and business executives from Fortune 1000 companies on what it takes to graduate each and every student from high school ready for college and a career, and the implications for teaching diverse learners - students whose low income status, limited English fluency, or learning disabilities make learning more difficult. The survey also explores both teacher and student perceptions of differentiated instruction efforts and teacher attention to individual students, and compares opinions regarding school and teacher quality."

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