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What the US Can Learn from the World's Most Successful Education Reform Efforts


"What can be learned from other countries to develop a more effective educational system for one's own country? The McGraw-Hill Research Foundation's new position paper addresses that question head-on, presenting some of the best educational practices from countries around the world.

Co-authored by Andreas Schleicher, the director of OECD and Program for International Students Assessment (PISA), and Dr. Steven Paine, vice president of strategic planning and business development at CTB/McGraw-Hill and former state superintendent of schools in West Virginia, the paper offers best practices used by countries with the highest performing educational systems.

For the U.S. to remain economically competitive, Schleicher and Paine contend that it will need to raise the status of the teaching profession and maintain a common set of standards to match those of countries that have the most effective educational systems in the world."