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Principals' Approaches to Developing Teacher Quality


"There is growing evidence that, of all school resources, teachers have the largest impact on student achievement. Principals arguably play the most important role in ensuring that excellent teaching occurs in their school. How principals hire teachers, assign them to specific positions, evaluate them, and provide growth opportunities for them likely have major ramifications regarding teacher quality. For this reason, New York City, Washington D.C., and numerous other districts have undertaken large reforms to enable principals to hire higher-quality teacher candidates and use teacher evaluations to fire poorly performing instructors and identify and reward exceptional ones. Influential stakeholders such as the Gates Foundation, the Carnegie Foundation, and the Aspen Institute have launched human capital initiatives aimed at developing talent in public schools and districts. And states have increased their focus on the work of the principal in large part due to Race to the Top and other funding priorities initiated by the U.S. Department of Education and supported by Congress. Despite this interest from practitioners, grant-makers, and policymakers, there has been little research regarding how principals attempt to raise teacher quality at their school site.
This report provides key findings from a study of 30 principals working in charter and conventional schools in two northeastern states. In doing so, it aims to inform policymakers regarding how principals could exert a more positive influence on teacher quality."