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Interactive Map: Return on Educational Investment


To spark a national dialogue about educational productivity, the Center for American Progress has attempted to evaluate the return on investment (ROI) of almost every major school district in the country. Productivity in this context is defined as how much learning a district produces for every dollar spent, after controlling for factors such as cost of living and students in poverty.

This interactive website allows anyone to compare the relative productivity of thousands of school districts and find out more about their spending and achievement. Because we cannot control for everything outside a district's control when calculating its productivity evaluation, the site makes it easy to compare similar districts based on their demographics and enrollment. It also allows users to see how districts fare under different approaches to measuring productivity. The site was created in partnership with the nonprofit advocacy organization OMB Watch and the geo-information services company Esri.

This map accompanies the report: Return on Educational Investment: A district-by-district evaluation of U.S. educational productivity.