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Relationships Among Inquiry-Based Science, Elementary and Middle-Grade Achievement, and Science-Related Student Behaviors in a North Carolina School District


Researchers presented findings from students in grades 5 and 8, and their teachers, who took part in a targeted K-8 science MSP. Findings include relationships among cumulative student exposure to varying amounts of research-based curriculum, teacher training, students' end-of-grade test scores, and student's science-related behaviors. The research-based curriculum and PD that Teachers and Scientists Collaborating (TASC) provided focused on science inquiry skills and behaviors. The state's end-of-grade test focused on knowledge-level retention, primarily vocabulary. Regardless of the incongruence between TASC's focus on inquiry-based teaching, learning, and the state test, district partners remain supportive, but also primarily interested in student performance on the state test. This presentation examines what was learned.


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