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Teacher Evaluation 2.0


"Almost everyone agrees that teacher evaluations are broken, and fixing them is critical to building a thriving teacher workforce. In 2009, The Widget Effect documented how poorly-designed teacher evaluation systems rate all teachers as "good" or "great" and provide little useful feedback on classroom performance.

Since then, states and school districts have begun to revamp outdated systems by passing new legislation and forging groundbreaking collective bargaining agreements with teachers' unions.

The dilemma education leaders now face is, "How?" How can they avoid the pitfalls of past evaluation systems and create new ones that become useful tools for teachers and school leaders?

Teacher Evaluation 2.0 tackles this key question. It proposes six design standards that any rigorous and fair teacher evaluation system should meet. It offers a blueprint for better evaluations that can help every teacher succeed in the classroom--and give every student the best chance at success. "