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Linking Research and Practice: The NCTM Research Agenda Conference Report


The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), has published "Linking Research and Practice: The NCTM Research Agenda Conference Report" to shape research and bring it to classroom and school-level decisions. Education research findings can improve mathematics teaching, learning, and curriculum. However, the research needed by classroom teachers and the research being conducted in mathematics education often differ.

The new report presents priorities for mathematics education research based on the needs of mathematics teachers, administrators, and other school- and district-level educators. The publication is intended for researchers, funding agencies, and others who make decisions about mathematics education research. It is organized around ten "research-guiding questions" on issues that include student thinking, assessment, and teacher preparation.

The report includes reflections on making the connection between those who research mathematics teaching and learning and those who teach and make decisions about teaching mathematics.