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National Educational Technology Trends 2010: Innovation Through State Leadership


"For the past seven years, the State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA) has conducted a national survey examining the states' implementation of the technology sections of the ESEA, Title II, Part D (Title II-D) Act. This year's report summarizes survey data from state education agency (SEA) technology directors from the 50 states.
The research questions examined in the report include:

How are states structuring their grant programs to meet Title II-D goals? What priorities have the states established for their competitive grant processes? What is the evidence that the implementation of the Title II-D program has advanced the goals and purposes as outlined in federal law?

The purpose of this report is to inform federal, state, and local policymakers on trends related to SEA and local education agency (LEA) implementation of programs funded through Title II-D. In addition to this report, SETDA provided individual states with a comprehensive state profile based on the state's survey data ( In past years, state profiles have proven to be a rich source of data to inform a state's progress in meeting Title II-D goals."