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SMTI 2010 National Conference Registration is Open


The SMTI National Conference is an opportunity for faculty and administrators of APLU universities to build a national movement to significantly enhance the priority of science and mathematics teacher preparation and development -- encompassing university efforts participating in a variety of local and national programs, and institutional, public and private funding. The agenda for this conference is packed with great speakers and topics, including a panel on the Ohio STEM Learning Network and creating state-wide partnerships; a panel discussion by Arthur Levine of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation and John Ewing of Math for America; a talk by Carlos Contreras, Intel, on the important contributions of industry; and we will hear the latest recommendations from the American Physical Society's National Task Force on Teacher Education in Physics. We will also have presentations and discussions of research on the quality of science and mathematics teacher preparation. And as a very special treat, the University of Cincinnati will host a barbeque on campus for conference attendees to enjoy.