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Math and Science Partnership Program (MSP) Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Faculty at Institutions of Higher Education


The Math and Science Partnership program at NSF (reauthorized in 2007 in the America COMPETES Act) responds to a growing national concern -- the educational performance of U.S. children in mathematics and science. Through MSP, NSF awards competitive, merit-based grants to teams that strive to improve K-12 student achievement in mathematics and science.

These partnerships are composed of institutions of higher education, local K-12 school systems, and their supporting partners. Together, they bring innovation, inspiration, support, and resources to educators and students in local schools, colleges, and universities.

The role of higher education faculty in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (or "STEM faculty") is the keystone of the MSP program, and is essential to its success. In large measure, it is the significant intellectual engagement of STEM faculty that distinguishes MSP from other K-12 education reform efforts.