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The Educational Crisis Facing Young Men of Color


"In 2008, the College Board held four sessions to explore the educational challenges facing young men of color in the United States. Known as "Dialogue Days," these gatherings brought together more than 60 scholars, advocates and representatives from minority communities across the United States for one-day conversations about the dynamic nature of American life, the changing shape of American demographics, and how to help educators and minority families and communities stand up to what seem to be growing pressures on minority males. Each meeting focused on a particular minority group -- African American or Black, Hispanic or Latino, Asian American and Pacific Islanders, and Native Americans, including Alaska Natives.

The resulting report, The Educational Crisis Facing Young Men of Color, draws on participants' comments during the Dialogue Days to identify a set of common concerns and themes, and recommend steps for moving forward. The report also highlights promising programs that have proven effective in raising achievement among this underserved group."