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Featured Paper Session: Sustaining Momentum for Improvement


The MSP of Southwest Pennsylvania is a comprehensive, K-12 math and science MSP funded in 2003. It involves urban, suburban and rural settings across the 11 counties surrounding the city of Pittsburgh. IHE partners have been 4 smaller private colleges and universities more heavily focused on teaching than research. K-12 partners include 45 local control K-12 school districts ranging in size from 1,000 to 7,000 students. The lead agency is the Allegheny Intermediate Unit, a publicly funded regional service agency, which also works with three other Intermediate Units as partners. The Partnership is governed by a Cabinet comprised of representatives of the core partners, as well as the leader of the Evaluation Team and the financial manager, who convene monthly to plan and monitor progress.

How has SW PA MSP integrated implementation and sustainability? How has SW PA MSP used its own evaluation to inform implementation and sustainability? What types of sustainability does SW PA MSP value and believe to be achievable: contributing to models of institutional change, STEM teaching and learning, and partnerships?