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PRISM Phase II: Research on Key PRISM Strategies - Generating Knowledge through Collaborative Research


This paper addresses the following claim(s):

"The three PRISM Phase II Research Questions being examined in the work are:

  1. What are the attributes of K-16 professional learning communities, how can they be measured and what is the relationship between learning community attributes and student learning, classroom teaching practices, and professional practice?

  2. To what extent do policy change and incentive structures that reward higher education faculty to collaborate with K-12 schools and to strengthen their own teaching result in sustainable changes in faculty attitudes and beliefs about the value of scholarship of teaching and learning, changes in IHE classroom practice, and student achievement?

  3. To what extent do schools that participate in the Public Awareness Campaign have greater student motivation, greater parental involvement, and higher student achievement in SM than non-participating schools?

The project is also less formally investigating the hypothesis that engaging in the Phase II work through a multi-layered collaborative research project builds capacity for generating knowledge within the context of MSP."