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STEM Faculty's Evolving Perspectives on STEM Curriculum and Instruction while Participating in the Florida PROMiSE MSP Project


This paper addresses the following claim(s):

"As we conducted our work, we examined the following hypotheses:

  • STEM faculty and K-12 educators with different educational priorities approach the planning and conducting of a K-12 teacher professional development differently. These different priorities can present both opportunities to create an enriched professional development curriculum and challenges to establishing a productive collaborative relationship.

  • Mathematics faculty and science faculty have somewhat different K-12 educational priorities which may affect the nature of each discipline's collaborations with K-12 educators.

  • Over the course of participating in a MSP project, STEM faculty will reflect on their initial priorities and subsequently adjust or temper their views. Opinions that could be called into question include what aspects of K-12 STEM subject matter content are important to convey and what instructional strategies are useful to employ."


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