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Learning Lab: Connecting Learning and Practice


This paper addresses the following claim(s):

"The theory of action that underlies the MSP logic model is premised on the idea that student achievement in mathematics and science can be enhanced by administrators' and classroom teachers' willingness to view themselves as learners. Similar to the theory of action for the NSF-supported Local Systemic Change program, the MSP argues that providing teachers with opportunities to deepen their content and pedagogical knowledge in the context of high-quality instructional materials will result in better-prepared teachers. Through Learning Lab, participants had an opportunity to discuss issues of pedagogy, content, and social context based on a common classroom experience and to focus extensively on the uniqueness of an individual student's learning. Both are rare opportunities for practitioners that can provide robust opportunities to reflect on practice at more theoretical levels. With ongoing support, teachers will be more inclined and have more capacity to change their practice in ways advocated by national standards. These changes are expected to improve student thinking and learning, a core focus of the MSP, which will in turn lead to higher student achievement."