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First Experiences from the Great Valley MSP Start Partnership


This paper addresses the following claim(s):

"The full Institute Partnership will have a strong emphasis on authentic research participation opportunities and other hands-on experiences for teachers, in addition to more traditional classes and workshops. The research experiences will be accompanied by opportunities for reflection and structured activities designed to translate the experiences into high school classrooms. This approach builds on existing strengths and research participation programs at CSUB (e.g., Stockton et al., 2008; Baron et al., 2004 and 2006; Baron, 2004). The partnership will create a group of teachers with a strong commitment to investigation and experimentation. The evaluation plan will focus on collection of data to document the effect of this approach, compared to typical book learning. The full partnership will also collect data to test the hypothesis that by teaching science and doing measurements and experiments, reading, writing and math skills are also improved, counteracting the common lament that schools cannot teach science because they have to focus on reading, writing and math because of standardized testing. The partnership will add to the limited existing evidence that research participation by teachers can lead to improved student learning (e.g. Silverstein et al., 2009)."