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Teacher Fellows: A Sabbatical Program for School District Teachers at a Small Liberal Arts College


This paper addresses the following claim(s):

"The claim is that the TF program was a successful professional development experience for school district teachers. The required course work provided an accessible opportunity for teachers to deepen their math and science learning. The partnership with the higher education faculty members in working together to do course revisions was particularly valuable because it created an environment where both the higher education faculty and the school district teacher were contributing mutually.

Perhaps the most consistent value of the TF Program was that of sabbaticals in general, an opportunity to explore new areas of math and science without the day-to-day work responsibilities, thus resulting in a fresh and renewed spirit. In particular here are responses from 3 of the 16 Teacher Fellows:

  • The most valuable thing I gained is not really information, but rather a new perspective that allows me to direct my high school students better, knowing what they will need to succeed at the college level.

  • That as an educator, I can still continue to learn and be excited about the subject I love and the pedagogy required to be a great teacher.

  • I realized the importance of collaboration and that inquiry is the basis for meaningful learning. I left feeling energized and eager to return to school."