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Developing a Reward Structure for Higher Education Faculty Involvement in K-12 Schools


"PRISM Strategy 10: All PRISM higher education core partners have K-12 teacher education programs, and until now their major focus was on graduating, certifying, and placing highly qualified teachers. In 1996, a concerted effort to improve teacher education by the USG Board of Regents P-16 Department brought together, in many institutions for the first time, faculty from colleges of arts and sciences and education. Local schools also became involved in this reform effort, with teachers speaking up about the realities of the classroom to better inform teacher preparation. However, the importance of higher education faculty involvement in these activities was not generally recognized in the workload/salary and 4 tenure/promotion policies of the higher education institutions. If PRISM was to succeed in making a positive impact on student learning in Georgia through increasing and sustaining collaborations of K-16 faculty, then changes to the reward system were needed. Developing effective and sustainable changes is the overarching goal of Strategy 10."