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GVMSP members secure $12.6 million federal Teacher Quality grant


This newsclipping announces an award from ED to California State University Bakersfield, which will complement their current NSF MSP award.

Greater Valley MSP team member Curt Guaglianone is the lead on this grant. Others involved include Natalie Tran, Tania Schalburg-Dykes, Carl Kloock, and Dirk Baron.

A $12.6 million grant from the federal government to Cal State Bakersfield will fund five years of improvement and innovation in the school's teacher education programs.

The grant from the U.S. Department of Education is aimed at improving teachers' skills and training so that students in rural areas can get a better basic education.

"The number one goal is to improve K-12 student achievement," said Curt Guaglianone, who wrote the grant for CSUB.