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The Opportunity Equation: Transforming Mathematics and Science Education for Citizenship and the Global Economy


"The "opportunity equation" means transforming education in the United States so that every student reaches higher levels of mathematics and science learning. The nation's capacity to innovate for economic growth and the ability of American workers to thrive in the global economy depend on a broad foundation in math and science, as do our hopes for preserving a vibrant democracy and the promise of social mobility for young people that lie at the heart of the American dream.

In [this] new report, the Carnegie-IAS Commission on Mathematics and Science Education challenges the nation to mobilize for coordinated action to:

* Establish common standards for the nation in mathematics and science--standards that are fewer, clearer, and higher--along with high-quality assessments

* Improve math and science teaching--and our methods for recruiting and preparing teachers and for managing the nation's teaching talent

* Redesign schools and systems to deliver excellent, equitable math and science learning

This is a moment of urgency and opportunity, a chance for the United States to close the gap between the current state of educational achievement and the educational system our future demands. The world has shifted dramatically -- and an equally dramatic shift will be needed in our schools. Download the report, or read it online for more examples of promising practices, resources, and opportunities for action."

Note: The National Science Foundation's Math and Science Partnership Network is mentioned in Section 1 on page 2.