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On the Front Lines of Schools: Perspective of Teachers and Principals on the High School Dropout Problem


"This report has documented a mix of hopeful views and challenging statistics concerning how, and how well, those on the front lines of America's schools -- teachers and principals -- understand the nation's high school dropout crisis.

Teachers and administrators in public high schools recognize there is a dropout problem, know they are confronted with daunting challenges in classrooms and in schools, and express strong support for reforms to address high dropout rates.

Yet, less than one-third of teachers believe that schools should expect all students to meet high academic standards, graduate with the skills to do college-level work, and provide extra support to struggling students to help them meet those standards."

This the most recent in a series of reports from Civic Enterprises. The first in this series is "The Silent Epidemic: Perspectives of High School Dropout"
(2006); the second is "One Dream, Two Realities: Perspectives of Parents on America's High Schools" (2008).