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Building a High-Quality Education Workforce: A Governor's Guide to Human Capital Development


"Recognizing the critical role teachers and principals play in producing students who are highly skilled and able to compete in a global economy, the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA Center) has released a new report aimed at helping governors attract and retain the most effective educators.

Building a High-Quality Education Workforce: A Governor's Guide to Human Capital Development highlights innovative, integrated approaches states can use to address human capital challenges and bolster the education workforce. In addition to examining state best practices in human capital strategy, the guide provides a framework for states to develop a high-quality education workforce. In particular, it recommends three broad actions states should take in tandem to improve teacher and principal effectiveness: 1. Selectively recruit prospective teachers and principals to the profession; 2. Improve the preservice training of prospective teachers and principals; and 3. Work to retain the most effective teachers and principals.

The guide also provides concrete strategies states can use to implement the recommendations, such as supporting strong teacher and principal preparation programs, reforming licensure regulations, and paying teachers and principals for the contributions they make toward improving student learning. Other strategies include providing teachers and principals with feedback about their effectiveness, monitoring and improving working conditions, and developing data systems that provide states with information on the recruitment and retention of effective educators."


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