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Compendium of Key Studies of the No Child Left Behind Act


"As part of a larger project to rethink the federal role in elementary and secondary education, CEP has prepared this compendium, which summarizes the findings of major studies of the implementation and effects of NCLB conducted by various organizations and agencies. The summaries are very brief--most of them one page per study--and have been categorized by topic.

Both this compendium and CEP's broader federal role project are intended to help policymakers make decisions informed by evidence from research. Because the summaries are very condensed, we see this compendium as a starting point to familiarize policymakers and other with the range of research available on NCLB. We encourage readers to use the Web links at the bottom of each summary to explore the full reports in more detail.

This edition of the compendium focuses primarily on studies of Title I of ESEA as amended by NCLB, the federal program to improve education for low-achieving children in low-income areas. New studies and other topics may be added later."