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Taking the Pulse of Bioscience Education in America: A State by State Analysis


"States across America are failing to prepare students for pursuing biosciences in higher education--a key pipeline for developing the bioscience workforce of the future. [This] new report provides the first ever comprehensive study of middle and high school bioscience education in the 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia.

The report finds a wide disparity across measures of student achievement in overall science and biosciences, an uneven record across states in incorporating the biosciences in state science standards, supporting focused bioscience education programs and higher level bioscience courses, and ensuring science and bioscience teachers are well qualified.

The findings, which came to light at BIO's 2009 Interntional Convention, indicate a clear need for improved science education that incorporates the biosciences at the middle and high school levels if the United States bioscience industry sector is to remain globally competitive."