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Michigan Tech To Train GRPS Science Instructors In New Teaching Model


Dean of the Graduate School at Michigan tech and a geologist herself, Jacqueline Huntoon, says while kids are exposed to science in elementary school, Earth Science is the first complete independent science class a middle school student takes...

"So our hypothesis is that if we can really engage students, intrigue them, show them all the creativity that's involved in science then we'll get them involved and excited about taking more science later on in high school, hopefully pursuing it in college and going on to into a career in science or engineering. The other reason is that earth science is very relevant right now."

Global warming and climate change, wind and hydraulic power; all of those issues relate back to geology. The money pays for science teachers to go to Michigan Tech to learn about these important topics. Once school's back in session in the fall educators have Chair of Grand Valley State University's Geology Department Steve Mattox to call on for assistance.

"There's the lakeshore issues, river issues, construction issues, resource issues; all those are tied together here and there's good local examples that teachers can use in the classrooms. As a parent with a child in GRPS, I want my child to have the best trained teachers, not just in content knowledge, but also in how to teach and that's what we're trying to develop."

In addition, the new program is designed to fit the new Michigan merit curriculum, which sets higher math and science standards for high school graduates.