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Research Report - Variation Across Districts in Intended Topic Coverage: Mathematics


Promoting Rigorous Outcomes in Mathematics and Science Education (PROM/SE) has published volume 5 of The PROM/SE Research Report titled "Variation Across Districts in Intended Topic Coverage: Mathematics." This report explores the extent to which implementing curriculum at the local level has created mathematics curriculum standards (grade level learning expectations) with vastly different learning expectations that in turn undermines any 'intent' to provide to all students an equal opportunity to learn mathematics. Given the cumulative nature of knowledge, especially in mathematics, differences in learning opportunities lost at a specific grade may not be gained at a later time. These disparities are not just experienced by children who live in poverty. This affects children who live in wealthy suburbs that surround urban areas as well. Data from across districts nationally are examined. This issue and past issues of the PROM/SE Research Report are available for downloading from in the "research and results" section.