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Status of the Geoscience Workforce: K-12 through Community College


The American Geological Institute (AGI) Workforce Program has completed the report "Status of the Geoscience Workforce 2009." The first chapter, "Trends in Geoscience Education from K-12 through Community College" of this comprehensive benchmark report is now available.

The "Status of the Geoscience Workforce" report is based on original data collected by AGI as well as from federal data sources, professional membership organizations, and industry. The report integrates all of these various data sources into a comprehensive view of the human and economic parameters of the geosciences, including supply and training of new students, workforce demographics and employment projections, to trends in geosciences research funding and economic indicators.

"Chapter 1: Trends in Geoscience Education from K-12 through Community College," takes an in-depth-look at the access students have to earth science education. The report details state requirements for earth science education in middle through high school and the number of high school teachers nationwide.

In addition to course requirements, the report focuses on trends in college bound students including SAT scores and choice of college major. The Status Report also highlights the availability of geosciences education at community colleges and examines the trends in associate degrees conferred from geosciences programs at these institutions.