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One Dream, Two Realities: Perspectives of Parents on America's High Schools


"Today in America, there are approximately 25 million parents who have children in American high schools. Their role in the educational achievement of their children is profound. Students with involved parents, regardless of their family income or background, are more likely to earn higher grades and test scores, enroll in higher level classes, attend school and pass their classes, develop better social skills, graduate from high school, attend college, and find productive work. The opposite is true for students whose parents are less engaged. Research confirms what common sense suggests: parents are central to the educational success of their children.

Regardless of incomes, education, and performance at the school, parents believe that their involvement is central to their child's academic success. But parents need an access point -- a way in -- and many are not finding it in their child's school. Parents are clearly ready to help their children succeed academically, but they need better information and tools from the schools to do so ranging from how to help with homework to how to get into college."