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A Developmental Perspective on College & Workplace Readiness


"This report provides a developmental perspective on what competencies young people need to be ready for college, the workplace, and the transition to adulthood. These prescriptions tend to focus either on college readiness or on workplace readiness. At the same time but on a separate track, youth development research has identified the assets that youth need in order to make a successful transition to adulthood. Presumably, these three groups of competencies should overlap. ...This report seeks to widen the road to success for high school students. It also provides a sense of the degree to which research in each field indicates a need for each competency. The competencies needed are organized into five domains of youth development: physical, psychological, social, cognitive, and spiritual. ...Because certain groups of students have particular challenges in being successful, this report also focuses on strategies that have proven helpful for groups that face greater challenges in meeting the readiness criteria -- including low-income and minority students, Latinos and English language learners, students with disabilities, disconnected youth, youth aging out of foster care, and sexual minority youth."