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Cora Marrett Honored by American Sociological Association


Cora Marrett, NSF's assistant director for the Education and Human Resources directorate, is this year's winner of the American Sociological Association's (ASA) Cox-Johnson-Frazier Award. Created in 1971, the award honors the intellectual traditions and contributions of Oliver Cox, Charles S. Johnson and E. Franklin Frazier. The award is given annually to either a sociologist for a lifetime of research, teaching and service to the community or to an academic institution for its work in assisting the development of scholarly efforts in this tradition.

Marrett was recognized for her work as an advocate for inclusion in her positions as teacher, researcher, administrator and program officer. In letters nominating Marrett for this recognition, her contributions to the ASA's Minority Opportunity Summer Training program (MOST) were highlighted, along with the gains made by scholars of color and women through Marrett's contributions to the field in her various roles.

One of the letters of nomination noted, "Whether it was at the University of Wisconsin at both the Madison campus and the system as a whole, the University of Massachusetts, Western Michigan University, the National Science Foundation, the Social Science Research Council, the Russell Sage Foundation or the American Sociological Association, they have all benefited from her intellect and commitment to making these institutions and those that they serve more inclusive and diverse. It has been said of her that "she has herself not only opened doors directly for African American scholars but set up expectations for excellence and opportunities to excel that have directly paid dividends across the profession of sociology and related social science disciplines."