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Access, Adequacy, and Equity in Education Technology: Results of a Survey of America's Teachers and Support Professionals on Technology in Public Schools and Classrooms


"The findings of this study reveal that although all educators and students in public schools have some access to computers and the Internet, we have few assurances that they are able to use technology effectively for teaching and learning. This report describes the current state of technology in public schools and classrooms, as reported directly by classroom teachers and instructional assistants who use technology at school for administrative tasks, research and communications, instructional preparation and planning, individualized lesson design, and other tasks related to their role in teaching and learning. The findings for various demographic groupings also highlight the disparities found in different community types, school levels, and career stages of educators on their technology and support. In addition, recommendations are offered to help guide policymakers in all levels of administration toward ensuring that educators and students have adequate opportunities to use technology effectively as an instructional tool."