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The Data Coach's Guide to Improving Learning for All Students


The Data Coach's Guide to Improving Learning for All Students provides detailed guidance for helping schools move away from unproductive data practices and toward examining data as a catalyst for systematic and continuous improvement in instruction and student learning.

To help both current and aspiring data coaches facilitate school-based data teams and lead teachers in collaborative inquiry, the authors demonstrate a data model that has been field-tested and proven to be effective in:
  • Narrowing achievement gaps between students in all content areas and grade levels;

  • Achieving strong, steady gains in local and state assessments in mathematics, science, and reading;

  • Using data as a springboard for powerful conversations about race/ethnicity, class, educational status, gender, and language differences; and

  • Developing shared values and a vision for creating a high-performing, data-informed school culture.

This culturally responsive resource benefits staff developers, teachers, and administrators interested in creating change through effective data practices, and includes a CD-ROM keyed to the book, with templates, handouts, PowerPoint slides, resources, and sample goals and agendas.