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PROM/SE Summer Science 2008 "More on the Evolution of Life"


Building on the "Origin and Evolution of Life" spring 2008 institute, summer participants will dig deeper into evolution led by Dr. Gregory Forbes.
The summer session titled "More on the Evolution of Life" will continue the theme of physical and organic change through time, as well as devote time to issues that teachers face in teaching organic evolution. How do you explain change on both a big and small scale to your students? The concepts of physical and biological change run through the entire K-12 science curriculum. Change is a fundamental property of scientific research and of the process of science itself. Understanding change is applicable to all areas and levels of science; therefore, it is especially relevant to all teachers of science, elementary as much as secondary.
Courses will use an inquiry-based "how do we know what we know" approach.

K-12 science teachers and administrators from participating Michigan and Ohio districts are encouraged to attend. Participating principals, curriculum directors, and superintendents are invited.