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Policy Updates

Senate FY 2009 National Science Foundation Funding Bill

June 25, 2008   Excerpted from AIP Policy Update #69

House and Senate Appropriators are starting to release their initial versions of the FY 2009 appropriations bills. The first of these reports has just been released for the Senate Commerce, Justice, Science FY 2009 Appropriations Bill. This bill provides funding for the National Science Foundation, NASA, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology. It is not yet known when this bill will be considered by the full Senate.

Overall, Senate appropriators provided the full FY 2009 Administration request for the National Science Foundation, recommending an increase of 13.0 percent or $789.1 million, from $6,065.0 million to $6,854.1 million.

There are six pages in the committee report devoted to the NSF, available on the Library of Congress website.

Read the entire policy update at the AIP website.