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Science Buddies


The common theme running among all Science Buddies programs is the goal of identifying specific student needs and creating solutions (not just reading material) that actively engage students and scientific professionals. The programs focus on:
  • Involving science and technology professionals to interact directly and indirectly with the students, making science real.

  • Leading students to projects that are more challenging and have a higher science content than projects they might choose on their own.

  • Saving students time and frustration: students WANT to use our tools because they save them time and make science research more fun.

Science Buddies offers a number of resources for students and teachers:

  1. The Science Fair Project Guide is an online encyclopedia for how to do science research and science fair projects.

  2. The Topic Selection Wizard (TSW) is an immensely popular, interactive tool that helps students to explore different topic areas for their science fair project.

  3. Ask an Expert (AAE) is a monitored, online forum staffed by volunteer scientists and talented science students who help students anywhere, on a drop-in basis, with their project questions.

  4. The Teacher Resources section includes information to help teachers guide their students to do research projects or conduct a science fair.