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Building Evaluation Capacity Guide 2: Collecting and Using Data in Cross-Project Evaluations


"Collecting and Using Data in Cross-Project Evaluations is the second of a two-guide set for evaluators and others interested in evaluation grew out of a National Science Foundation funded effort to improve cross project evaluations. It
concerns data; its collection, reporting, and use. The
first section lays out the multiple issues involved in data collection: the strengths and
weaknesses of formats that can be used in data collection; data-collection scheduling; data
quality and methods of ensuring it; data unique to individual projects; and confidential-
ity and the protection of human subjects in data collection. Other sections of this report
concern ways of building data-collection capacity among projects; rationales, sources, and
measures of comparison data; issues inherent in the reporting and displaying of data; and
the uses to which cross-project data might be put."