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Democracy at Risk: The Need for a New Federal Policy in Education


Federal education policy is "inconsistent and shortsighted," despite 25 years of education reform sparked by the release of "A Nation at Risk" -- and has left the United States further behind than it was in 1983. A report released by the Forum for Education and Democracy says that we need to transform the federal role in education to meet longstanding student achievement and equity goals. This new role should include fully funding federal commitments to low-income students, investing in a "Marshall plan" for teachers and school leaders, refocusing research on educators' needs, and deepening community ties to their schools.

The report, "Democracy at Risk: The Need for a New Federal Policy in Education," was written by prominent educators and policy experts who have launched effective alternative schools, charter schools, and school improvement networks. It notes that the United States' education system and democracy are even more at risk than at the release of "A Nation at Risk."