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ICLCS Hosts Virtual Workshop


The Institute for Chemistry Literacy through Computational Science (ICLCS) hosted a Virtual Workshop for Cadre I Fellows on Monday, April 21, 2008. The 48 Cadre I Fellows gathered at one of four remote locations throughout the state of Illinois and used Access Grid (AG) technology to connect virtually. The AG was developed for researchers to enable large group-to-group discussions, presentations, and research collaboration in near real time.

The Fellows participated in several professional development activities including a hands-on collaborative lab followed by a computational lab analysis that modeled how to effectively incorporate computational science into high school chemistry classrooms. In addition, the Fellows participated in a leadership activity in which they identified their personal leadership and communication style and learned about the implications of their personal style preferences on their interactions with others. In response to the Virtual Workshop, one fellow commented, "I thought the combination of hands on, computational, leadership, etc. was perfect. It was very well organized and ran very smoothly."

This was the second Virtual Workshop hosted by ICLCS. The first workshop took place in November. In addition to virtual workshops, ICLCS provides two-week long summer Institutes and ongoing support throughout the year via a virtual community and a graduate level on-line course. Cadre I Fellows are now completing their first year of involvement with the ICLCS program by completing a curriculum module integrating computational resources.