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NSDL Chemistry Pathway


The Chemical Education Digital Library (ChemEd DL) is the destination for digital content intended for chemical science education. ChemEd DL aims to be the place where you can contribute, share, and organize chemistry education materials.

The ChemEd DL has its foundation built upon the Journal of Chemical Education, the Education Division of the American Chemical Society, and the ChemCollective Project. Here, you will find resources for education that span the entire science of chemistry.

The ChemED DL also provides an online chemistry education community that covers the entire spectrum of the chemical sciences. This large community is built upon smaller communities that are characterized according to their subdiscipline of the chemical sciences or by education level. We also expect that communities will develop around areas of content in ChemEd DL, such as the periodic table or chemistry video, or around pedagogical methods, such as testing and assessment.