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UIUC Chemistry Professors Mentor High School Teachers


On Monday, February 11, 2008, ICLCS held their first mentor workshop with faculty members of the Chemistry Department at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to discuss the role of mentors in the program. The 7 chemistry professors were paired with ICLCS Fellow teams to serve to help high school teachers throughout the state of Illinois, who are participating in the ICLCS program, transform the way chemistry is taught. As mentors, the chemistry professors will help teachers develop quality teaching modules that address content areas in which high school students typically struggle by infusing the curriculum with computational resources to that help to visualize molecular structure, molecular dynamics, geometry, and more. Stoichiometry, Equilibrium, and Kinetics are among the content areas that have been identified as target areas by the teachers. Chemistry mentors and their proteges will use the ICLCS virtual learning community to collaborate with teams both synchronously and asynchronously to transform chemistry education.