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PCMI Resources for Teachers


The Park City Mathematics Institute (PCMI) offers comprehensive professional development for mathematicians and teachers of mathematics, as well as opportunities for students aspiring to a career in mathematics. The following is a list of resources from PCMI's Secondary School Teachers Program (SSTP).

PCMI resources for teachers:

Projects, Papers, Activities

Lesson plans, activities and discussion papers produced by SSTP working groups

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Problem Sets from the Developing Mathematics Course

Daily problem sets used in the SSTP developing mathematics courses since 2001

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Special SSTP Demonstrations/Activities

Descriptions of special participant led experiences related to teaching and learning mathematics from their classrooms or their areas of interests or expertise

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SSTP Inspired Articles in Other Publications

Articles based on experiences from SSTP written by SSTP participants for local, state, and national journals

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Technology Used at PCMI

List of technology resources used in the courses and working groups during the SSTP summer sessions

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