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Algebra: Gateway to a Technological Future


This report offers findings and recommendations from a meeting held in November 2006 that brought together 50 representatives from the mathematics and mathematics education communities across the entire K-16 spectrum, including several members of the MSP community. The meeting, hosted by the Mathematical Association of America, in a project funded by the National Science Foundation, surveyed what has been learned about the teaching of algebra and to identify common principles that can serve as models for improvement. The participants were divided into five groups, corresponding to five different levels of algebra instruction. The groups were (1) Early Algebra, (2) Introductory Algebra, (3) Intermediate Algebra, (4) College Algebra, and (5) Algebra for Prospective Teachers. Each group reviewed research on what was known about the teaching of algebra on that level and made suggestions for future directions that would improve both the knowledge base and the actual teaching and learning of algebra.